Coluber najadum

Coluber najadum
Coluber najadum is one of the smallest European snakes. It is found in the southern Balkan from South Youguslavia through Greece and Turkey to Syria and Iraq. Besides the nominate form, there is a subspecies dahlii and some very close related species. The maximum size is 135 cm and the average size is about 100 cm. The ground color is beigebrown or reddishbrown with several large dark spots on the sides of the throat. They prefer a dry inviroment like southern slopes with many hiding places like rockfences or similar, where it can find its prey. In nature their prey is primarely lizards or small snakes. This snake is protected in Europe under the Bern-Konvention.
Coluber najadum juvenile from Choman, Iraq
This snake is not suitable for the beginner. It is protected in almost all its distribution and imports are very rare. They are also very difficult to keep in captivity, unless there are plenty of lizards to feed with. It is a very nervous and dayactive snake that needs a large and dry, but not high terrarium. The temperature should be 27 -30*C during the day and coller at night with heating spots.
Coluber najadum from Diana, Iraq
They almost newer drink and newer bades, but still a water bowl is necessary. They are exstremly kanibalistic and all smaller snakes are considered as food items even animals of the same species. They are fed on lizards and small snakes, but some adult animals will accept newborn mice as food. They need a longer hibernation at 12-15*C and matings takes place in Spring. The males are very aggressive towards each other in the Spring and weaker animals should be seperated from the others. We have newer maneged to breed this species.

Habitate from Erbil, Iraq