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Agama International One of the best and largest breeders of lizards. Bert og Hester Langerwerf.
Crocodilian species list Very informative site on all crocs and alligators.
Directory of Repond AMD Link page to herpetological sites Information about cyprinodontids, turtles and coldhardy succulents.
Eksotiske insekter Danish site about insects.
European pond turtles Info on european pond turtles
Feltherpetologi i Danmark Field herpetologi from Denmark
Herpbreeder Large site with fora, informations and more.
Hold Af Terrarie Dyr Dansish/English home page about keeping animals in terrarium..
Jan Pedersens´ skildpaddeside Danish site about turtles. The interesting life of killifish Have a herpetological question? Find the answer here.
Nordisk Herpetologisk Forening Skadinavian society of herpetological interests.
Poecilia Scandinavia Society of livebearing fish
Python Pete Reptiles Americn breeder of monitors and snakes
Ratsnakes of the Genus elaphe Informative site on rarsnakes. Lots of pictures
Skildpaddesiden Danish site on turtles
Skov- og naturstyrelsen Danish Cites-office
Snakeday Yearly saleshow in Holland. Only snakes
Varanus photo album Photos of monitors
VMS American site with animals for sale