Physignathus lesuerii lesuerii

(Eastern water dragon)

Eastern water dragon, male
The Brown Water dragon lives  in the eastern part of Australia. They inhabit  the sides of water basins or rivers, and seems only living very near to water.  Size is up to 100 cm. Males are larger and more colorful than females. They are fed with insects, worms, small fish and rodents, and many adult animals also eat various kinds of sweet fruit. They can hibernate for very long and that seems improving  their productivity. Females are able to produce more than one clutch a year. UV light is needed if they are kept inside. A large water bowl is necessary and the lizards often use it as overnight resting place.
Eastern water dragon, female
Eastern water dragon, female
We keep a group of these active animals inside our house but the plan is to make a outdoor terrarium, where they will stay all year round without extra heat. In nature they survive very cold temperatures, and they should be possible to be kept outside in a sheltered  and sunny position. Winter protection are necessary in Demark to protect against the heavy freezing.
Eastern water dragon, female laying eggs
Eastern water dragon hatching