Lacerta viridis

(Eastern green lizard)

Green lizard male
The easten green lizard is the origional of the many green Lacertas that recently has been split into many new species. It is found from Eastern Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovinia, Croatia, Hungary, Balkan region, Southern Ukraine and Northwest Anatolia. It is very similar to the western green lizard, but has a more spottet back, and the western green lizard is more uniformly green. The colour on the juveniles throat is also different. Both species gets about 35-40 cm and males often has a blue throat. They are protected in Europe under the Bern - Konvention, but captive bred animals are often sold especially from German breeders. They prey on various insects, spiders, worms, small lizards and even baby rodents. We have found, that they are not as shy as the western green lizard. There can be problems if the animals are kept inside. They get "black cancer" a skin disease that ends up killing the animals. To prevent that they should have plenty of UV- light. Kept outside we newer had this problem. They are very aggressive against each other and should be kept in pairs. Females are also very aggressive against other females. Keeping many together in small terraria is possible but not recommendable.
Green lizard male
One week old babies
We keep a group of these lizards in our outdoor terraria all year. They find the major part of their food on their own, but are supplemented with some worms and insects.
Male in outdoor terraria