Lacerta strigata

Lacerta strigata male
This lizard from det eastern part of Caukasus and around the Caspian sea is closely related to the green lizards (Lacerta viridis and bilineata). It can be found in various habitats from dry grassplains to moist valleys up to 3000 m above sea leavel. They prefer areas with many hiding places like bushes, rockfences or logs. The adult animals gets more and more uniform green especially the males. Younger animals and also some older females have stripes and black dots on the back.
Lacerta strigata young female

Many animals of this lizard has been imported into the hobby to Europe and USA and even to such a small amount of money, that they are used as feeding lizards. Their distibution isn`t that large and some populations could face exstinction. Our animals from Grozny once collected bye Russian herpetologists are from the absolut northern part and is now nearly or totally exstinct.

They are very easy animals to keep and not as shy as most Lacertieds. even in our outdoor terraria, they are fairly calm, when we approach the terrarium. They are fed primarely with large insects like zoophobas and cockroaches, but really likes worms and spiders. Lacerta strigata are mature in their second year outdoors and are easely bred

Lacerta strigata ½ year old pair