Timon lepidus

(The Eyed Lizard or the Jeweled Lizard)

Timon lepidus subadult male
Eyed Lizard, subadult male

The Eyed Lizard or the Jeweled Lizard, previously known as Lacerta lepida, lives in the southwestern part of Europe and the north of Africa. It is the largest member of the Old Wolds Lacertidae, and can be more than 80 cm in length. Males are bigger than females. 

Eyed lizards are protected in Europe (Bern-Konvention) but are available captive-bred and commonly sold as pets. They feed on large insects, small rodents and some will eat various kinds of sweet fruit. These lizards are best kept in pairs, and in nature often live together this way for years. If kept inside they are quickly tamed and take food out of your hands. Outside they turn wild and are often very shy.

 Eyed Lizard, subadult male
 Eyed Lizard, female laying eggs
We keep a few young animals of these lovely lizards. They are outside all year.