Eumeces laticeps

(Broadhead skink)

Eumeces laticeps adult female Chilton county Alabama
The broadheaded skink is a very impressive lizard from the eastern part of USA. It is the largest of the 3 bluetailed skinks reaching up to 32 cm. Adult males develop a massive broad red head, that has given them their name. Adults are usually uniform brown, but some females can have 5 stripes on the sides and back. Belly is light cream. Juveniles are black with thin white or yellow stripes and dark blue tail.
Eumeces laticeps juvenile Chilton county Alabama

They are found in the southeastern corner of USA fra Pensylvania to Florida and to the eastern part of Texas. North to Kansas and Illinois. They can be found in many habitats, but prefer open wooded areas with trees, that are used for hunting and escaping predators. They emerge from hibernation in April-May and are active to late fall. Copulations takes place shortly after hibernation. The female guard the nest containing 6-16 eggs and it is not unusual to find juveniles together with the female untill next spring.

Eumeces laticeps copulation
Eumeces laticeps gravid female
Eumeces laticeps belly