Thamnophis cyrtopsis ocellatus

(Black-necked Garter Snake)

Thamnophis cyrtopsis ocellatus baby
Thamnophis cyrtopsis occellatus inhabit a limitid area called "Edwards plateau" in the central of Texas. Not many informations are known about this subspecies in the wild, but they are found on limestone ledges, which support a dense population of Syrrhopus. These frogs are considered to form a great part of their diet. It is one of the smaller garter snakes with a max. length of about 1 meter. It is found in or very near water, where they can find their prey. Their diet consist of amphibans and their larvae, fish, crayfish and invertebrans.

Thamnophis cyrtopsis occellatus is a very easy and lovely animal for the terrarium. They prefer a more moist inviroment than most garters, but dry areas must be present. They are easely fed on a diet of smal fish like Osmerus and gubbies, but a B-vitamin is mandatory, if they are fed with defrosted or dead fish. They should have a tendensy to reject food for longer periods of time, but we havent experienced that yet.