Senticolis triaspis intermedia


Senticolis triaspis intermedia female

This ratsnake was previously called Elaphe triaspis intermedia. It is a long slender ratsnake with a maximal length of 160 cm. Animals bigger than 120 cm are rare. It is the most northern of the 3 subspecies and is found from the southern part of Arizona and New Mexico to the southern part of Mexico. Their habitat can be both dry or moist, but they prefer places with some vegetation. The color is greyish green to bright green as adult. Juveniles are more gray with darker blotches on the back.

Senticolis triaspis intermedia baby
This ratsnake is rare within the hobby. Only a few breeders is found of this lovely snake and especially in Europe there are only very few animals present. They do like to climb and should be kept in a large high terrarium at a temperature of 20 - 27 *C. Hotspots, waterbowl and hiding places are mandatory. They are easy to stress and needs dark hiding places at various temperatures to feel safe. They are fed on smaller rodents. Larger feeding objects are taken but should be avoided because they are so easely stressed. Hibernation at about 15*C is recomended for breeding. Copulations takes place in the early spring and the females uses relatively long time before the eggs are deposited.. The eggs are incubated at 25 -29*C and takes 75 -95 to hatch. The juveniles usually accept newborn mice after a week or two.
Senticolis triaspis intermedia baby