Lampropeltis triangulum andesiana


Lampropeltis triangulum andesiana male
Lampropeltis triangulum andesiana is one of the largest subspecies.It is only found in a small area in the Andes Mountains in Columbia and seems to be rare in nature. Elevation details includes records of 2200 meter and 2700 meter.It has from 24 to 37 red rings on the body with dark egdes on each scale The head is black and cream/yellow.
Lampropeltis triangulum andesiana female
The milk snakes was a major hit amongst snakekeepers in Europe from about 1980 and the next 10 years. Especially the Northamerican and the Central american species and subspecies was kept. Lampropeltis triangulum andesiana was almost unknown even in USA, untill a Sweedish herpetologist caught and imported a pair, that he raised, bred and spread throughout the hobby. Today it is fairly common in captivity even the prices are stil relatively high. This is a large, fastgrowing and strong snake, that needs a terrarium with a large surface, a heating spot, a drinking bowl and several hiding places. The are active in the late afternoon and in the night, and spends the daytime in their hiding places. Temperature should be 25 - 27*C in the daytime and cooler at night. They are fed on rodents including mice, gerbils and small rats. They are always hungry and have a tendency of getting very fat. This subspecies should be hibernated from November to Marts at about 10 - 15*C and copulations takes place in the spring.