Pantherophis ramspotti

(Eastern fox snake)

Pantherophis vulpinus gloydi

The Eastern fox snake, formerly known as Pantherophis vulpinus gloydi, lives in Northeastern corner of USA and the Southeastern part of Canada. Elevation mainly 500 - 1000 feet. They are larger and more robust in form than the nominate form. Max. size is 179 cm, but adult are normally about 120-130 cm. They have a yellowish ground color and an average of 34,5 dorsal saddles on their back and tail. Normally 11 on their tail. The Eastern fox snake inhabit sandy areas, pine lands, lake beaches and marshes, often in close connection to water. Several females can place their eggs in the same site that consists of decaying logs, manure heaps and sawdust piles. The eggs hatches in late August or September with an average size of the juveniles at 320 mm. In nature food itmes consists of rats, mice, young rabbits, frogs, toads, earthworms,birds and eggs.

Pantherophis ramspotti copulation

This fantastic ratsnake is unfortunately rare in captivity. They are very easy to keep and are fed with rodents or dayold chickens. Many foxsnakes also accept smaller eggs as food. They prefer a little colder inviroment than the more southern ratsnakes like corns, and they are active and eat at temperatures as low as 17 degrees Celcius.

Eggs "Toledo Ohio"
Many people have problems breeding these snakes, but we had no problem at all. We hibernated them very cold and long. 4-5 months at about 5 degrees Celcius and they were steady as a clock. Matings took place at night after their first shedding. The eggs are small and it can be difficult to see if the female is gravid. Juveniles hatch after only 42-44 days at 27 degrees Celcius. They eat pincky mice from the hands after few days often before their first shedding.
Pantherophis ramspotti babies
Pantherophis ramspotti baby fra Toledo.
Pantherophis ramspotti fra Toledo.2½ years old