Orthriophis taeniurus friesi

Orthriophis taeniurus friesi copulation
Orthriophis taeniurus frisei previously known as Elaphe taeniura frisei lives on the island of Taiwan. It is one of the largest ratsnakes with a maximum recorded size of 270 cm. Adult friesi above 250 cm are often seen in captivity. 
This is probably the most popular member of the Asian ratsnakes in captivity. It is very colorful, is large and easy to keep and has normally a calm temperament. 
All subspecies are kept in large terraria. They are agile snakes, that likes to climb. A large waterbowl is necessary and often used especially during the shedding period. They like an average temperature of about 25 degrees Celcius and a hot area for digestion. They are fed with large rodents or chickens. Some animals also eats eggs. Large friesi can eat adult male rats or small rabbits. 
Orthriophis taeniurus friesi copulation
A hibernation period of 2-4 months is recommended for some subspecies (excluded ridley and grabowskyi), but not necessary for breeding. They mate after the females first shedding, and the up to 30 eggs are placed in a moist and dark container after 50-109 days. Juveniles hatch after 60-72 days at about 27 degrees Celcius, and they are large very large. A newly hatched friesi can be as big as 60 cm or more, and they are eating small mice often before their first shedding. They are growing like crasy, and can be mature in only 16 months. 
These fascinating ratsnakes are terrific pets, and we can recommend them for beginners. 
We had friesi for years, and bred them in a few generations.