Zamenis situla

(Leopard Snake)

Adult female, blotched captive bred.
The Leopard Snake, previously known as Elaphe situla, lives in the southeastern part of Europe together with Turkey and the peninsula of Krim. They are up to 125 cm but normally around 100 cm. There are 2 types of situla: A striped and a blotched form both colored in red, black and grey. 
Adult male, blotched/stribed wild caught from Greece.

The Leopard Snake is protected (Bern convention) and only captive bred animals are available. They are easy fastgrowing animals that lives on mice or young rats. They prefer smaller food items, and they often accept dead food. The Leopard snake can reach maturity in 18 months, but normally in 3 years. They prefer to be kept on the cooler side. If they prefer to hide in the water, they are kept to warm. 

Adults must be hibernated for 2-3 months to breed. We seperate the males from the females after hibernation, and introduce them to each other after the female has finished her first shedding. When mating the male often bite the female in the neck.
Female laying eggs
Female laying eggs
The eggs are very large, and can be seen about 15 days after copulation. The eggs are placed in a small boks with moist sphagnum about 8-14 days after the next shedding. Incubation time is 60-81 days depending on the temperature, and the juveniles are normally eating after a week or two. Raising juveniles  are normally without any problems.

We have kept and bred situlas since 1990 and produced them up to 5-6 generation.

Habitate Kerkyra (Corfu)