Elaphe prasina


Elaphe frenata baby female
Elaphe prasina is found from India and China to the north to Malaysia. It is aboreal and inhabit the rainforrest from 500 to 2550 m above the sea. It is one of the smaller ratsnakes (90-120 cm) and females are bigger than the males.
Elaphe prasina is a fairly new snake within the hobby. Wild caugt animals are like other Asian ratsnakes often filled with various parasites and bacteria. Captive bred animals are easy pets, and they are possible to buy in Europe and in USA.
This ratsnake is best kept in a high terrarium with live plants. They like to crawl in the upper part of the terrarium showing their lovely coloration.The temperature should not be too high. 22 - 27*C is sufficient and even cooler at night. They are easely fed on small rodents. They absolutely prefer small live food items and have a tendensy to throw up if feed with larger mice. Hibernation is natural and recommended for a successful breeding. Copulations takes place after the hibernation, and they produce up to 6 eggs. The eggs hatches after 58 - 65 days at a temperature of 26 - 28*C. Newly hatched juveniles are about 23 cm and have the same coloration as the adults.