Pantherophis obsoletus rossalleni


Pantherophis o.rossalleni adult female
Pantherophis o.rossalleni adult female
Pantherophis obsoletus rossalleni is one of the larger american ratsnakes. Max. size is 240 cm and adults are normally above 2 meter. It lives in the southern part of Florida.    
Pantherophis o.rossalleni newborn juveniles
Rossallenis has always been a popular snake in captivity. They are very easy to keep and breed, and has a wonderful orange color as adults. They can reach maturity in less than a year and produces many eggs often two or more clutches in one year. Rossallenis are active snakes easy to tame and handle. They are fed with rodents or small chickens and will accept dead or defrostet food items. They don`t need hibernation to breed, and the up to 30 small eggs hatches after 50-70 days at 27 degrees Celcius. The juveniles grow very fast. Shown on the picture below are animals 1 day, 1 month and 1 year old. The one on the right side is the mother of the other two.
Pantherophis o.rossalleni female with offspring
Pantherophis obsoletus rossalleni is often bred in Europe and in USA, and captive bred juveniles are one of the best beginner ratsnakes. 
We had them for many years and generations.