Pantherophis bairdi


Pantherophis bairdi female
Pantherophis bairdi female
Pantherophis bairdi was previously called Elaphe obsoleta bairdi, but is now considered a true species. It reaches up to 140 cm, and lives in southern Texas and Mexico.  
Pantherophis bairdi female (Egg laying)
These ratsnakes are really easy and nice animals showing their beautiful colors at their best in a high terrarium. They are fed with rodents or small chickens. They don`t need a hibernation to breed, but a slight cooling period is recomended. Up to 15 eggs are possible in a clutch, but normally 6-8. The eggs hatch after 60-80 days at 27 degrees Celcius. The juveniles eats newborn mice after few days or after their first shedding, and can get mature in 18 months.  
Captive bred juveniles are often seen for sale in Europe and in USA.  
We kept this lovely snake for a few generations.