Euprepiophis mandarinus

(Mandarin Rat Snake)

Captive born female. Soon after hatching.
The Mandarin Rat Snake, previously known as Elaphe mandarina, is one of the nicest ratsnakes, brilliantly colored and patterned in yellow black and grey often with red spots. They inhabit the mountains of China, Taiwan, North Vietnam, India and Burma. Size ranges up to 170 cm but is normally 100 - 120 cm.
Wild caught male Euprepiophis mandarinus
Wild caught male.
Wild caught Mandarin snakes are extremely difficult animals to keep and thousands of them has died within 6 months in captivity. Captive born animals are easy when kept cool (below 27 Degrees Celcius) and not overfed. Juveniles can build up fat around the liver and will die after a year or 2 if you feed them to much. We are keeping our mandarins in a dry inviroment. They are sensitive to bacteria, and when kept dry, the risk of infections are limited. They like a box with moist sphagnum especially when shedding. Use small mice as food or baby rats. Many Mandarine Snakes accept only live food items. Adults should be hibernated for at least 3 months. We are seperating males and females after hibernation and introduce the females after their first shed. Copulations often takes place at night. The eggs are placed in the moist sphagnum and hatches after only 44-50 days at 27 degress Celcius. It is important that the food items are in the best condition to insure healthy animals. 
Mandarins are normally dusk or nightactive, and only seldom leaves the bottom of the cage.
 Euprepiophis mandarinus hatchlings.
We have bred up to F3 in our collection, and the oldest animal was imported as an adult in 1981. She died in 2006