Euprepiophis conspicillatus

(Elaphe conspicillata)

Captive bred juvenile female
Euprepiophis conspicillatus inhabit all the major and some smaller Japanese islands. It is one of the smaller ratsnakes with a total length of 120 cm. Normally they are considerably smaller. It is mainly found in forrests from 500 to 3000m above sealeavel. It is rarely seen in nature in the open and it spend most of its time under logs or stones. Their main activity is from April to June and again for a short period of time in the Autum. Hibernation starts in November.They primarely prey on small mammels, especially juveniles also on lizards and frogs.
Captive bred juvenile male
This snake should be kept like Euprepiophis mandarinus. They hate too much heat and should be kept below 28*C during the daytime. Night temperature should be somewhat lower 17-21*C.They are not so active snakes and don`t require a large or high terrarium. We keep them dry with a small box filled with live moist sphagnum. This box are frequently visited especially during shedding. They are fed on small mice. They absolutely prefer small and live food items. Hibernation is necessary for breeding. 3-4 months at 10-15*C. Matings takes place in spring and they can lay as much as 8 eggs in a clutch. 3-4 eggs are more normal clutches. The juveniles can be very difficult to get started and often reject eating untill after their first hibernation.