Elaphe bimaculata


Elaphe bimaculata spottet baby male

Elaphe bimaculata is very similar to the dione ratsnake. There are some differences like shape of the head, number of labialscales and the incubation time of the eggs. It is found in the eastern part of China up to 1000 m above sealevel. It is one of the smaller ratsnakes reaching 60 - 80 cm as adult but there has been found giants up to 120 cm in length. There are both a striped and a blotched form. They are greyish to yellow with red or brown stripes or blotches.

Elaphe bimaculata spottet babies

This little ratsnake is not so often seen within the hobby. It is one of the easiest ratsnakes to keep and does not require a large, high or hot terrarium. They should be kept on the cool side with a main temperature of 22 -25 *C during the day. A water bowl, a hiding place and a hotspot is mandatory. They are fed with rodents and prefer smaller live objects. The can tolerate a cold and long hibernation, but that is not necessary for breeding. A colling period of 2-3 months at 12 -15*C is enough. Copulation mainly takes place in the early spring and the clutches are small with large (about 50 mm) eggs. The eggs hatch after 40 -50 days at 26*C and the juveniles are 25 - 30 cm. The juveniles normally accept small pinckies after their first shedding. Their growthrate is fast and maturity can be reached in 1½ years..

Elaphe bimaculata laying eggs