Shinisaurus crocodilurus


Shinisaurus male
Shinisaurus is a monotypic species in its family. It is one of the most primitive lizards and was found in 1928 in the Kwangsei provinz China. They are rare in nature and is only found in small isolated populations in 200 - 700 m above seelevel. The temperature is from -2*C in the winter to 35*C in midsummer. Anual amount of rain is about 2000 mm. A typical habitat is small ponds with a diameter of 1½ - 2 m or smaller streams. Most of the time the animals are in the water, but can be found basking up to 1 m above the water. The find most of their prey within the water and have a diet of fish, tadpoles, worms and insects and their larvae. This lizard give birth to a litter of up to 20 juveniles.
Shinisaurus female
This lizard is kept somewhat different form most other lizards. They are not very active and doesn`t ned a large terrarium. A large waterbowl is obvious with some branches to bask on. The waterdept should be kept low because the animals can drown if the temperature in the water drops below 12*C. These lizards needs very little heat to be active, but they still needs a heating spot especially when gravid. Outdoor keeping in Denmark is possible from Spring to Autum, and gives the males even more fantastic colors. The males are always fighting and should be kept alone. Normally they are best kept in pairs, but more females together can be done successfully, but not always.They are fed on a diet of earthworms, slugs, fish, mice, large insects and their larvae. Dragonfly larvae is one of their favorites. Mating takes place all year, but mainly in late Winter orearly Spring. The juveniles are born after 8 - 12 months mainly just after hibernation. The juveniles are 9½ - 15 cm and has a weight of 3 -5½ g. We are hibernating ours at 4 -10*C from the end of September to the end of February.
Shinisaurus babies