Cordylus melanotus subviridus

( Crag lizard )

Cordylus melanotus subviridus yellow male

(Pic taken at agamainternational)


Girdled-lizards of the family Cordylidae is a small family distributed in central, east and southern Africa. They have thick and powerful tales equipped with enlarged pointed scales, that are used in defense and to lock themselves between rocks, if they feel threatened.


Cordylus melanotus subviridus red male

(Pic taken at agamainternational)

Cordylus melanotus are found at high altitudes in Natal and Orange Free State. Here the winter is long and cold with temperatures down to -10*C. The animals are active at very low temperatures and has been found basking in frost between piles of snow. They are found in pairs or single on rockformations on grassland. They are very shy and detects intruders more than 100 m away. The males are very colourfull, and is found in both a red form and a yellow form.

Cordylus melanotus subviridus female

(Pic taken at agamainternational)

Crag lizards are very rare within the hobby. They are best kept outdoors and can stand staying outside all year in Denmark. Moisture is a killer in the wintertime, so the terrarium should be protected from our wet Autum and Winter. They are fed with insects like superworms crickets and roaches. Babies are born in June- August and they are best raised alone.
Cordylus melanotus subviridus semiadult male
Cordylus melanotus subviridus semiadult male in outdoor terraria