Eumeces inexpectatus

(Southeastern five-lined skink)

Eumeces inexpectatus adult male Chilton county Alabama

This skink is like a mix in sise and shape of the 2 other bluetailed skinks from the southeastern USA (fasciatus and laticeps). They can be up to 22 cm. Adult males develop an orangered head. The back can be uniform brown or with 5 dorsal stripes. Belly is light cream. Juveniles are black with thin white or yellow stripes and dark blue tail. They can be easely seperated from the other 2 species because all scales under the tail has similar size.

They are found from Maryland and Virginia and far down in Florida. West to Louisiana. They can be found in many habitats, but prefer open wooded areas with some moisture filled with rockpiles or fallen trees. They prefer insects, worms and spiders, but will also eat smaller mammels and lizards. Copulation takes place after hibernation and the female makes and guard the nest containing up to 11 eggs during incubation.

A strange observation with this species is that cats eating this skink can loose their sence of balance or develop paralysis.

Eumeces inexpectatus juvenile Chilton county Alabama