Eublepharis afghanicus

(Afghan leopardgekko)

Eublepharis afghanicus adult female

Leopardgeckoes are very popular pets. They are found in many colormorphs and the different albinos are seen at any show. Their origin is very hard if not impossible to find out, but within the last years there are new wild caught animals that have popped up inside the hobby. They are still rare, but some has been distribuated from especially Tjekkia under different names and subspecies. If these names are correct or not is a question, but they are different from the usual ones, and we have kept these names.

Eublepharis afghanicus Just hatched

One of these is Eublepahis afghanicus. They are somewhat smaller and very brightly colored. Adult animals have a weight at about 28-32g and our males arn`t bigger than the females. The eggs and the juveniles are also very small, and the juveniles can give problems within the first days. They grow rapidly on a diet of coackroaches, crickets and melworms and can be mature in 1 year.

Eublepharis afghanicus 1 month

They are active both night and day, and in the early Spring they often warm themselves under the spotlight. We hibernate them from November to February at about 15*C and the copulations takes place shortly after. 1-2 eggs are deposited in a box filled with a mixture of kokushumus and sand, and they are hatched at a temperature of 26-28,5*C Higher temperature gives more males, but there is a great risk of deformations. At 29*C or higher most embryos dies before hatching

Eublepharis afghanicus 1 month
Some afghanicus has 2 white dots above the eyes usually called "Double eyes"