We have a few animals besides the reptiles:
Fizban moved in July 2003. He was born 26. April 2003. He is a lovely Maine Coon cat, even he has an aditional toe on both front paws (polydactyl). He is the best. Always taking care of the 2 other cats. Bupu is our smallest cat. Even as adult she has not passed 1 kilo.
Fizban talks.... He talks a lot.... He will always be where things are happening, so if he cannot see anyone, he calls loudly all through the house, untill he finds us. Even his ancestors has been domesticated for many generations, he still "brakes the ice" bashing the waterbowl before drinking, and if he has more food than he can eat, he tries to cover it, before he leaves.
Special high protein kittens food isn`t suitible for him. No, he likes the diet food that the dog gets, so we add a little of that everytime he is fed.